Danish Energy Export helps your business boost visibility, interest and sales at relevant exhibitions all over the world.

Our Exhibitor Services comprise two principal aspects:

  1. Individual consultancy regarding stand design and furnishing, and exhibition optimisation
  2. Exhibitor meeting prior to every exhibition

Pick up inspiration and good ideas

We are happy to visit your company to listen to your thoughts and ideas concerning exports, and to contribute inspiration and creative approaches for your exhibition stand. How can you attract the most possible visitors? How can you optimise your coverage in the exhibitor catalogue? What hand-outs and give-aways produce the greatest effect? Is it a good idea to run competitions and similar activities at your stand? And so on.

Exhibitor meeting

Around 3–5 months before each exhibition, Energy Export invites all The Pavilion – Powered by Denmark exhibitors to an information meeting. Here, we review stand plans and practical details such as procedures and deadlines – and give exhibitors the chance to meet and greet one another prior to the event.

The Pavilion- Powered by Denmark

Our shared exhibition area is called “The Pavilion – Powered by Denmark” and ensures optimal positioning and maximum attraction. At many energy exhibitions, Pavilion of Denmark has actually become a brand in its own right and an area many event visitors prioritise highly.

When you travel the world with Danish Energy Export, you can choose between various types and sizes of trade fair stand. At the same time, you have access to solutions and services that lift a number of practical assignments from your shoulders, leaving you free to focus on your visitors. And on generating value.