Delegation tours, conferences and seminars

Export success in the global energy industry is largely a question of strong relationships – and of being where it’s all happening. When it’s happening.

In addition to attending the numerous trade fairs, Danish Energy Export therefore gives you the opportunity to participate in other events lasting different lengths of time and with different areas of focus.

We are constantly on the look-out for interesting arrangements and opportunities to open doors to new markets, customers and partners. Moreover, we regularly organise our own export promotions in the form of delegation tours, for example, often with the participation of Danish government ministers, ambassadors and the like.

In connection with the various initiatives, we typically organise joint dinners, site events and other activities that can help reinforce ties between the participants. On numerous occasions, these tours have proved to have sown the first seeds for new partnerships and joint ventures.


Examples of benefits by participating

  • Opportunity to pitch solutions to a relevant audience
  • Participate in B2B meetings
  • Participate in topic-specific panel discussions
  • Expand professional and personal networks
  • Key insights
  • Lay the foundations for ongoing dialogue