Want to bring in a partner to join you at your booth? A Co-exhibitor solution is the perfect choice if you would like to highlight a subsidiary, a local agent, a subcontractor or similar at an exhibition. This option is only possible for Turnkey booth or rawspace builders, where both you and your Co-exhibitor will enjoy all the service benefits of Danish Energy Export and The Pavilion – Powered by Denmark.


When adding a Co-Exhibitor to your booth Danish Energy Export will provide the following service

-Registration with the event organizer

-Lunch options for exhibitors

-1 Exhibitor pass

-Part of the joint pavilion marketing

-Access to Danish Energy Export’s shared services and facilities, which may vary between different events and locations

-Exhibitor meeting prior to the event where we prepare you for the participation

-Assistance with any subsidy applications for initiatives where this is included

So feel free to invite in a colleague!