What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can identify you as a physical person. Here at Danish Energy Export, only the following personal data is relevant to our business: Name, work e-mail address, job title, place of employment, relation with regard to immediate decision-maker, CV, passport number, Civil Registration (CPR) no., marketing, sector and national interests etc., and situational pictures and videos. You therefore may be asked to supply us with personal data, as this may be necessary for us to carry out an activity.

Danish Energy Export processes the personal data that is associated with the contact persons at members’ locations, customers, suppliers and other relevant partners by collecting, registering, systemising, storing, adjusting, disclosing and deleting personal data.

We collect, process and store personal data about you in connection with purchases or interests in our activities, offers, etc. It might also be the case that you are a necessary contact person because your colleagues have entered into an agreement with Danish Energy Export and have stated that you are the contact person. If this is the case, we will also process your personal data in accordance with our personal data policy. In both situations, consent must be freely and clearly given, so that you know precisely what personal data we collect, process and store, and to what purpose.


Collection of data

When you register to participate in activities, which Danish Energy Export organizes/is the co-organizer of or show interest in our activities or/and services will this require that you hand over personal data to Danish Energy Export such as name, work e-mail address, job title, place of employment and phone number, interest and other relevant data needed to fulfil the agreement made. Will additional data be needed for fulfilling the agreement with Danish Energy Export will you be contacted. We collect data in the following situations:

When you sign up for our activities

When you participate in an event where personal data is required due to safety or access restriction. E.g access to embassies and government buildings around the world.

When you express an interest in an activity, market, industry, etc.

When you are the relevant contact person to fulfill your company agreement with Danish Energy Export

When you sign up for membership in one of the Danish Energy Export owner associations ( Danish Export Association or/and Green Power Denmark)

When you participate in surveys, competitions etc., that we organize.

When you are a partner or supplier to Danish Energy Export.

We collect personal data about you, data about your company and other relevant contacts for the activities or interest you signed up for via Danish Energy Export. We do this for the purpose of processing the registration, invoicing of fees and purchases of activities, and in connection with marketing, contact relating to activities, service e-mails, etc. and to ensure that we can make our activities in the most satisfactory way for you as a participant

We also store the data that is necessary to ensure that we comply with applicable Danish legislation. We store data relating to areas of interest and participation for the relevant period of time.

Please feel free to contact us to be informed about what personal data about you that we store or if you want us to delete your personal data.

Images / videos

When you participate in our events you will experience that situation pictures and / or situation videos are taken where you perform. We do this for three reasons:

When we carry out activities where we have received a grant from The Trade Council, since it is required that we document the event and its benefit by among other things, using photographic material/video.

When we carry out activities, we film/take pictures for use in marketing. You can decline to participate – all you have to do is contact us.

We use the images and videos from our activities as internal documentation and for learning how we can optimise the execution of our activities. Please feel free to contact us, if you want to be deleted from our material.

How do we use your personal data?

We use your personal data to provide you with the best experience when you participate in activities with us. In addition, we use your personal data to develop and optimise our communication and marketing to you, so you are provided with knowledge and information that is targeted for you and your interests. You can therefore expect that we use your personal data for the following:

Registration and coordination in connection with planning and execution of activities.

On lists of participants in connection with activities.

Fulfilling our agreement and your wishes and expectations relating to activities or our offers.

Improving and developing our offers and activities.

Adjusting and developing our communication and marketing.

Ensuring that we comply with the applicable legislation.

Images and video

Disclosure to a third party

Danish Energy Export discloses personal data to third parties. It may be in situations where we are required to disclose personal data to e.g. a subsidiary or trade fair organiser in order to execute an activity satisfactorily. If this is the case, we disclose only the most necessary personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement between Danish Energy Export and your company. Lastly, we disclose personal data to a third party if a situation rises where this is necessary for compliance with applicable Danish legislation.

Danish Energy Exports clear purpose is to create relationships across its customers, customers’ customers and business partners. It should be expected that your contact information (name, telephone number, mail and job title) can be disclosed to selected and trusted third parties if you are a current or former customer or business partner. We will only do so in cases where it is specifically considered by Danish Energy Export that a transfer will benefit both parties. Each time, Danish Energy Export makes a specific assessment of the purpose of the disclosure so that no errors occur or your information comes in the wrong hands.

Do you sign up as member at one of the two parent associations; Green Power Denmark and Danish Export Association, Danish Energy Export will receive your contact information if you are the contact on behalf of your company. If you are interested in Danish Energy Export’s activities and show it towards one of our parent associations, Danish Energy Export will also receive your contact information. We receive your data in both cases in order to adapt our communication and marketing of our activities to you. You will be able to ask not to be contacted at any time.

We therefore do not use your data for any purpose other than as described in our current Privacy Policy. As a data controller, it is Danish Energy Export’s responsibility to ensure that your personal data is not misused. We therefore place high demands on our partners’ handling of your data. Therefore, Danish Energy Export always ensures that our partners provide the same security for data management as Danish Energy Export.

Disclosure to non-EU countries/EEA countries

Where data is disclosed to non-EU companies, data processor agreements have been made to ensure that data is being processed according to the EU Data Protection Regulation.

When trade exhibitions and fairs take place in non-EU/EEA countries we might disclose personal data such as name, e-mail and passport number. In these countries there might not be an adequate level of data regulation for processing of personal data. The legal basis for our processing of data is the EU Data Protection Regulation, paragraph 49, subsection 1, letter c., since there is contractual obligation.

Danish Energy Export collaborates solely with trusted partners, e.g. embassies, general consulates, trade fair organisers etc., located in third countries, and we carefully select who receives your personal data. We also have set requirements for the processing of your personal data that our partners must meet.

How do we store your personal data?

Danish Energy Export stores and processes your personal data in accordance with our IT policy, which determines how we secure your personal data against unauthorised access, destruction or from making your personal data public. Our systems are carefully selected with regards to security, so that we can be sure that your personal data is processed with as much care as possible. We have entered into a data processor agreement with our subcontractors, partners, etc., and have stringent requirements in place to ensure that your personal data is processed correctly.

All of the employees at Danish Energy Export have access to your personal data and know how to process your personal data. We maintain continuous focus on personal data and IT security, and all of the employees receive knowledge and training in relation to the secure processing of personal data on an ongoing basis.

Your rights

You can contact Danish Energy Export at any time to learn about which personal data we have collected about you, where this personal data came from and what you can expect we will use it for. You can also learn about who receives your personal data and which subcontractors we collaborate with, and whom are therefore data processors and can see your personal data.

If you wish to have your personal data corrected or deleted, then please contact Danish Energy Export. We will discuss your wishes with you, so that we can be sure that you get the best possible help, and that Danish Energy Export complies with Danish legislation. We will then delete your personal data as quickly as possible, once the conditions are in place.

If you are no longer employed in the company from where we gotten you data, we still save your identity and transaction data for five years in accordance with the Danish Accounting Act section 10 and the EU Data Protection Regulation, paragraph 6, subsection 1, letter c.

We do not deliberately collect personal data from people who are under the age of 18. If we become aware that this has happened, we will immediately delete such personal data.

You can contact Danish Energy Export and receive help in connection with your personal data.