Poster stand

Would you like to test the Pavilion exhibition concept, or are you tired of just “walking the floor” at a trade show without having a base where you can invite guests? There can be many reasons to participate with a poster solution at The Pavilion – Powered by Denmark. The poster solution is your alternative to being just a visitor or having your own larger booth. With a poster booth you get your own space. Here you can meet with customers and contacts, and be found by those you didn’t know you should meet!

With a poster booth you join a shared exhibition area and enjoy all the service benefits of being exhibiting through Danish Energy Export. A poster booth is usually found in an area where several posters are gathered in one place, meaning you’ll share floor space with your industry colleagues exhibiting with the same concept. While the poster booth has its own graphical space, the rest is shared with colleagues, including furniture.

The advantage of a poster booth is that it is cost-effective compared to having your own booth. You are not obligated to be present at the booth all the time, and you don’t have to set up the booth yourselves. However, you should be aware that with a poster booth, there will be some limitations. There is a limit to how many people the booth can accommodate, and you cannot showcase your own products, or place any products or other items on the floor.

By choosing a Poster solution, Danish Energy Export provide the following:

-Construction and dismantling of the booth. The booth is built in our exhibition system or printet on one of our walls. Set-up vary from event to event

-Printing of your graphic/poster

-Standard flooring

-Standard lighting on the booth, including power consumption and electrical outlets for PC and phone

-Shared furniture at the Poster area

-Brochure rack

-Registration with the event organizer

-Lunch option for exhibitors

-1 Exhibitor pass

-Part of the joint pavilion marketing

-Cleaning of the booth

-Access to Danish Energy Export’s shared services and facilities, which may vary between different events and locations

-Exhibitor meeting prior to the event where we prepare you for the participation

-Assistance with any subsidy applications for initiatives where this is included

A Poster booth can be your entrypoint to The Pavilion – Powered by Denmark!