Your key to the global energy industry

No matter whether you work in marketing or out on the front line as export sales staff, you are surely well aware that the key to new markets and customers is a combination of insight, visibility and networks.

And this is precisely what you will find at Danish Energy Export.

Our mission is to make it easier for companies from the Danish energy industry to boost their exports through participation in trade fairs, export initiatives, conferences, seminars and peer to peer groups. At the same time, we provide exhibitor consultancy and other, related services, allowing you to focus exclusively on what you do best: opening doors and closing deals.

Danish Energy Export was established in 2024 as an extended part of the cooperation between Green Power Denmark (former Wind Denmark) and the Danish Export Association.



The ways to increase your exports

Read about the pillars of the Danish Energy Export platform

Step up to the front line at the world's leading energy exhibitions
Delegation tours, conferences and seminars
Expand your network, reinforce your relationships and gain valuable insight


Søren Rasmussen
Managing Director
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Dorota Knudsen
Project Manager
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Henrik Lange
Project Manager
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Brian Boelt
Project Manager
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Julia Pipaluk Byrialsen
Project Manager
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Katrine Aaby
Project Coordinator
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Christina Vester
Project Coordinator
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Memberships & Partnerships

In order to ensure a strong foundation for our export drives, Danish Energy Export is a member of several energy organisations. We also work closely with two of the largest wind energy trade fairs, where we are members of the organisations’ event boards and the trade fairs’ Advisory Boards.