Past event
23.11.2021 - 25.11.2021

WindEurope Electric City 2021, Copenhagen

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Turnkey booth

6.900 DKK per m2

Rawspace booth

5.500 DKK per m2

Poster booth

26.400 DKK per poster

Co-exhibitor registration

7.500 DKK per company

Coordination fee

4.900 DKK for members

9.800 DKK non-members


Bella Center, Copenhagen

Participating companies:

  • A-LEAF
  • Accuflour
  • Bladt Industries A/S
  • Blue Water Shipping A/S
  • Business Esbjerg
  • C.C. Jensen A/S
  • COWI A/S
  • Cotes A/S
  • DAMM Cellular Systems A/S
  • DSV Air & Sea A/S
  • DTU Wind and Energy Systems
  • DWP System Supplier
  • Dan Bunkering A/S
  • Danish Energy Export
  • Dansk Gummi Industri A/S
  • Dansk Ingeniør Service A/S (DIS)
  • EMD International A/S / EnergyPro
  • Elpress A/S
  • European Energy
  • Evapco Europe A/S
  • FORCE Technology
  • FT Technologies ApS
  • Fiberline Composites A/S
  • Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Granly Gruppen A/S
  • H2M Offshore Accommodation
  • HAWE Energy Solutions A/S
  • Head Energy Denmark A/S
  • HeliPPE
  • Hydratech Industries A/S
  • ITW Performance Polymers Aps
  • KK Wind Solutions A/S
  • Klingspor A/S
  • LORC
  • Liftra ApS
  • Maersk
  • Northern Offshore Services AB
  • Omron Electronics A/S
  • R&D Test Systems
  • Rambøll
  • Resolux Group
  • Seasight Davits
  • Semco Maritime A/S
  • Skagen Blade Technology
  • Skeleton Technologies
  • Spica Technology ApS
  • State of Green
  • Subc Partner A/S
  • Terma A/S
  • Trusted A/S
  • Valmont SM A/S
  • Vento Maritime ApS
  • Ventus Wind Services A/S
  • World Marine Offshore A/S
  • Øglænd System A/S

Pavilion of Denmark at WindEurope Electric City 2021

The time of the exhibition will be either 22-24 November or 23-25 November. We will let you know when the final dates have been found.

Energy Export makes it easy for you to join an international fair with our Pavilion of Denmark concept, where we secure prime location for our participants, taking care of all the practical and makes it less time consuming for you to prepare your participation.

Energy Export offers our Pavilion of Denmark concept again in Copenhagen. Pavilion of Denmark will be found in Hall E and part of Hall C1 where Energy Export offers a variety of booth solution with prime location.

  • Turnkey booth solution from 9 sqm and up.
  • Rawspace solution from 20 sqm and up
  • Poster booth option
  • Co-Exhibiting option
  • For all booth concepts will the following apply:
  • Joint service area with refreshments during the day for you and your guests
  • Meeting & storage facilities.
  • Exhibitor meeting prior to the event
  • Joint promotion during the show
  • Access to WindEurope member event.


Why attend at WindEurope Electric City 2021?

WindEurope’s 2 fairs (WindEurope conference/exhibition & WindEurope offshore) merges and continues as WindEurope “Electric City” in 2021 - the new onshore and offshore wind event, with participants from wind and beyond! Heavy industry, mobility, district and domestic heating, storage, hybrids, hydrogen and many more are invited to join the conversation on how we build a clean economy. This means new voices at the conference. It means new business partners and customers for you on the exhibition floor. Electric City 2021 takes place in Bella Center, Copenhagen.

“Electric City” will be a top priority event for many of the European wind industry leaders and companies, which all will be present in Copenhagen. Therefore, Electric City will be an important place to showcase your product and services to the European wind Industry in 2021!

Besides the exhibition part of The Electric City event will there also be a high-quality conference track attached to the exhibition both as a separate conference part and with sessions in the exhibition halls.

About Wind in Europe

Europe still have a lot of potential both onshore, offshore and retrofit wise. From 2019-2023 will there expected be installed 90 GW of wind in Europe and 80% of that will be onshore. UK will be the main market for offshore and onshore will be led by Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Sweden. Besides new installation will Europe also in the coming years be looking into a fleet of old turbines on more than 22 GW which will be up for decommissioning or repowering.


See the exhibition halls and the location of Pavilion of Denmark here

See the plan of the Pavilion of Denmark here

Søren Rasmussen
Managing Director
+45 4022 0311