03.06.2024 - 06.06.2024

Bioenergy / Waste delegation to the US


Price included grant from trade Council:

16.995 DKK for one person per company

Price without grant from Trade Council:

24.995 DKK for one person per company

Price for extra persons: 4995 DKK per person


The US

Participating companies:

  • RUNI A/S

Co-financed by:

Danish Energy Export is arranging a delegation to North America together with the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C. and Trade Council in North America. The focus will be on the bioenergy, waste and recycling industry on the east coast in the US.

Within only four days, you will take part in joint company meetings on the east coast and networking dinners with trade companies, who trade with or have interest in the American energy industry. You will get the opportunity to build up and nurse relations in the energy industry and also gain more knowledge about the actors and the trends in the market.

What can you expect from this delegation?
We will arrange meetings with relevant trade companies, potential partners and stakeholders, focusing on the green transition on the east coast. It is important to maintain the focus on the waste- and recycling industry in Denmark and contribute by matching Danish companies with American partners and authorities, as this will strengthen the good relationship and business development between Denmark and the US. This delegation to the US will give both the Danish and American partners the opportunity to understand the challenges and business potential in this industry on both markets.

Why should you participate in this delegation to the US?

  • We open the doors for you, arranginge meetings with local trade companies, potential partners and stakeholders with interest in the bioenergy, waste- and recycling industry
  • Your company and your competences will be exposed in a professional set-up on the American market
  • You will extend and nurse your Danish and American relations in the energy industry
  • You will get updated first-hand market knowledge about the bioenergy and waste- and recycling industry at the east coast in the US

Growth potential in the bioenergy, waste- and recycling industry in the US
The American biogas market is expected to represent an investment opportunity at around 45 billion USD measured on the present levels of maturing and saturation in the industry. At the same time the generation of waste in the US is around three times higher than the global average with low reutilization rates and still a high levels og waste depositing.

There is more than 2.300 plants producing biogas in all 50 states in the US:

  • 475 anaerobic tanks in the agriculture industry
  • 269 water treatment plants, that use anaerobic tanks
  • 97 independent systems digesting food waste
  • 645 gas projects within depositing of waste

The industrial association American Biogas Council, who is representing the American biogas industry, estimates, that the demand and feedstock supply can support further 15.000 new plants, of which around 2/3 will be optimized for agriculture- and food waste. This means, that the market is only 15-20 % saturated and has almost unlimited opportunities to expand. There is especially a great opportunity for developers of agriculture- and food wasre tanke, because these areas so far appear particularly unexplored.

In addition to that even fewer facilities convert from biogas to biomethan ("Renewable Natural Gas" in North America). In 2021 281 planst converted biogas to RNG, 180 plants were under construction and 296 were planned. The sub sector is small but expanding very quickly ( 46% yearly from 2020 to 2021). RNG especially enjoy large support in the transport industry and is estimated to represent more than 2/3 of all fuel for natural gas driven vehicles.

Optimization of waste management from industries and households are also on the agenda in the US. On constituent state level there has been made legislation in 13 American states, who are intensivating their contribution to use food waste for more sustainable purposes.

In the constituent states Connecticut, New Jersey and New York the legislation is giving incentive to increase the share of reutilization of separation and recirculation of the food waste.

In Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont a prohibition against sending organic waste on landfill sites has been introduced. Furthermore, Connecticut and New Jersey has demanded separation of food waste in all households.

IRA supports the green business
Beyond the growth potential in the US the biogas industry has been supported since 2022 by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) from the Biden Administration, that imply 368 billion USD for climate legislation and incentives for renewable energy investments and -production. 40 million USD has been earmarked the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to strengthen the green transition in the agriculture industry. The IRA extend and expand the existing deduction and adds several new energy deductions to boost the production of green energy and reduce Co2 derivations. This a.o. means, that all biogas sectors as waste water, fertilizer, food waste and projects that produce renewable power, gas and heat, are supported. Production deductions include production and technology within the biogas sector, such as biogas upgrading, green fuels from fluid biogas and green hydrogen. Facilities that produce both electricity and renweable gas are entitlet for grants.

Practical details and program for the delegation
Focus for this delegation is the New England-region in the US, which a.o. include Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut. Beyond these, there will be opportunity to include visits to the states New York and Pennsylvania.

We will arrange common hotel reservation in cities, fitting with the meeting program.

Is booked individually by the participants
The itinerary of the Danish Energy Export project manager will be shared with the participants, som there is possibility to book same flight and share transport to hotel.

Tentative program:
3. June, New York
- Meeting with Generate Capital, Generate Upcycle
- Visit at Trenton Renewables

4. Junn, Rhode Island
- Visit at Rhode Island Bioenergy Facility, Rhode Island Grows, Compost Plant and Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

5. June, Massachusetts
- Meeting with CommonWealth Resource Management Corporation, Vanguard Renewables and Divert
- Visit at CRMC Bioenergy Project, Northeast Biodiesel Processing Plant and E.L. Harvey and Sons MRF

6. June, Connecticut
- Meeting with Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Quantum Biopower and NERC (Northeast Recycling Council)

Brian Boelt
Project Manager
+45 4055 8721
Katrine Aaby
Project Coordinator
+45 2167 9617